extensive suppuration. As was shown by Schiitz, the cocci of

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ear come from septal deformities ; far from it. I think

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perforated and a coloured repiesentation of the drum is pasted on

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conclude, with deference to the authority and experience of

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disturbance of digestion. On the tenth or thirteenth day these

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former President, American Academy of Pediatrics. 4/S pages.

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no aid from Nature by spontaneous resolution, as occurs

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A very interesting form of poisoning which gives rise to serious illness or death

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Preside^nt of the SoTiety goes on to state that the dis-

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* Heuce it is said to color wheat brandy (?) blue. Gweliu Flor. Siberica.

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by Mr. Uargrave was an examination at which there was one

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the salicylates in those due to exposure. Analgesics, and even opiates, may be

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This patient had had rheumatism, but there were no signs of cardiac disease.

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tion, which seemed to be limited about one half, not by paralysis,

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legs, the bleeding hgemorrhoids, repeated tapping, stupor, delirium,

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of the fallacy of inferring from the action of drugs in health,

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virtue, courage, glory, and independence, and continued

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and persistent one, resulting in a subacute or chronic disease. Chil-

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34 outpatients with nail puncture wounds to the foot. Of the 36 inpatients, 34 (94%) had pyarthrosis,

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With whom, all efforts for progress must be begun. The char-

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grains of bismuth carb. may be given, or the bismuth

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may be examined directly in water, glycerin, or, after dehydration in

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Scicnt. Tr. Itoy. Dubl. Soc, 1893-6, 2. s., v. 525-538, 5pl.—

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metres in length by o"9 millimetre in breadth. It may be a Clonorchis or an

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the serenity of the sky, and exercise a dry and tonic influence very different

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During the year there was put into operation an ordinance requiring

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It seems to me that, so far from this being the fact — so far

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risters of high authority, who were referred to as to the con-

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be subdued without the roller bandage, and if this bandage

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W ith regard to Woolwich, it seems to us next to hopeless

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tain morbid growths, tlie strife for an accurate diagnosis

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I one case more posteriorly than those described by Dr.

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severely epidemic. Then it has crossed the Atlantic,

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to injure a stricture and so lose the way through it. On making an