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The visceral symptoms of hysteria are, as a rule, of importance, as

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present, the red blood-corpuscles showing a decrease of

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side efforts, the change in position is very apt to become

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oi the heart, and probably also no degeneration of the arteries ; in

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dicephalous and disomatous varieties. In the further description, of it, it may j

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highest at the spine and falls as we proceed to the front, which is its lowest

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_ Again, a man loses his wife or child. In a month he is

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about twenty years, have informed me that they have never met with a case.

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joint — all pointed to intense blood-poisoning, and consequently the

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remark that he winces, or that a transient expression of suffering

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Shippen, Wistar, Bard, Mitchell, Hosack, Post, Warren, and

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augment the influence of our school in shaping legislation and

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of urine February 5 and 6 was not recorded, and the dose of iron and quinin tonic

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per. Those names which are still and ever must be held in

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and its relations to ventilation ; (juaiitity of air neces-

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lation of the work accomplished in late years by the present

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weeks prior to present illness I attended her at her confinement,

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upper thoracic nerves, and end similarly in the middle and

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affection. He also exhibited a number of charts showing the

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position on a couch or chair, the neck bared, and the feet placed in hot

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appears in an acute form intermittently with alarming symptoms causing

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gradual curve as in myopia. The tension of the eye should be tested as a

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the oblique muscles in certain forms of astigmatism,

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mon places. While the above mentioned are the places

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As shown in Fig. 1, the instrument is ready for the opera-

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Such, in l)rief. are the more frequent causes of accu-

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mvCj and accompanied by dilatation, the base always keeps sinking

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emollient applications afforded partial or tempoi-ary relief; but the tumour

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well, because he had become dull and stupid. He was thought by

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epidemic is wide-spread, the number of cases during the winter in-

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irom day to day ; and in a third there are memoranda of the visits of