and cachexia frequently show a normal blood. Neurasthenic patients
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for non-adherent, medium-sized fibroids in single patients or those near
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properly an efflorescence or rash. To the latter kind of eruption the term
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one may deduce the existence of a similar eruption over the sternum
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westward is a large three-storey stone block, erected on the
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epithelial cells had occurred. Tne contents of the abdominal cavity were
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Latah folk are favourite subjects for the practical joker. Children
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transverse and sagittal plane kinematics at the pelvis, hip,
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100, scarcely to be felt. Prostration extreme. Distension of abdomen, and other
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trated. Price, .$2.50. Published by W. B. Saunders, Philadel-
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Vinegar, Cheap. — ^^^ix 25 gals, of warm rain water,
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same as it was five weeks before. This number of new cases scattered
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for the evolution of the cutaneous lesions, if not shortened, is at least not
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and 358 in which it was secondary, l^rimary hepatic cancer may develop
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body. Certain changes in the thyroid body (exophthalmic goitre, simple,
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of Dr. Mason was made in the interest of Dr. Darley, professor of surgery,
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18, 1893. lie had been confined for sleeping on post
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fat crystals, triple pliosphates, and later in the disease sloughs from the
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one being widely dilated. Haemorrhage into the corpus sti-iatum,
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