Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction

Louis Tomlinson is one of the older members of the group at 19-years of age, however
despite this, he’s gained a reputation as the group’s prankster.

During the X-Factor, the former Hall Cross School student was photographed in the press
posing with his band mates in a hospital gown which exposed his brightly coloured pants,
much to the delight of his female fans.

The 19-year-old from Doncaster also made headlines when he and fellow band member
Harry Styles unwittingly revealed X-Factor winner, Matt Cardle’s, personal mobile phone
number to 7,000 fans on Twitcam.

The singer’s mother, Johanna Tomlinson also made an appearance in the press when she
publically clashed with former X-Factor Winner Steve Brookstein after he criticised Louis’s
vocal ability.

Louis is currently dating 18-year-old Hannah Walker. The pair got together 7 months ago,
before Louis found fame on the X-Factor.