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Philadelphia Hospital for the Insane, and there are six-

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in water, three times a day, after meals, will some-

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of white tissue upon the nasal side of the disk, a fringe of hemorrhage

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before. These contain many bright granules and vacuoles of various

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suppurative appendicitis is aa incision parallel to and a little above Pou-

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infrequent occurrence of gastric ulcer in cases of chlorosis and the

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delirious. Heroic measures were adopted in supportive

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an inch, and found to contain a cord-like, dry clot. This was removed from

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II (pancreas not involved), containing sixty cases,

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Louisiana, the University of Pennsylvania, and other schools. But he

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the dura mater of the temporal lobe over the tegmen tympani. In one of

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the objectionable activity of proteolytic organisms,

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operated upon for appendicitis fifteen months ago. This is the daugh-

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larial Plasmodia. In the following years his atten-

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his arrival, when he found the patient unconscious ;

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but still needed relief from an intractable headaciie and

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and discuss methods for the correlation of the work of

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acter of the gastric secretion, which may cause ulceration

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erning the proper opening of the pylorus, atony, of

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102.7°. Temperature at 9.40 was 102^; at lO.lo", 100.7°; at 10.59,

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a patient for twelve years and during all that time had

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possessed ci a lowered degree of resistance in many,

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breath on exertion, repeated colds or the spitting of

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theria, scarlet fever, measles, leprosy, meningitis, leukaemia, etc. The

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administration, the injection enters the veins, the symptoms of pulmonary

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It is well known that eczema tends to manifest itself in certain par-

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women who are likely to conceive subsequently ; in those who are not liable

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apparatus and mechanical contrivances used in the prac-

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chronic inflammation of her ear, and also to see the ophthalmologist

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impulse to perform the act for some time, and finally being obliged to

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a small sand-bag over the prominent fragment acts admirably in the

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of the book is taken up with the construction of the

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upon the extremities require less of the drug to ob-

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