As for the examination of soldiers, and the shutting up of loose
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address ; and interesting addresses were also made by Rev. Stephen
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dyspnoea. It was followed by a hard, painful cough, excited by a
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satisfactory. Sporadic cases of meningitis were of frequent occurrence.
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and New York, by means of the emigrant ships, can leave no doubt
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pathy for the suffering, his words of faith and good cheer for the despondent,
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on January 21st he had a slight fit ; and it is to be remarked, that
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tion was suspended and deny that the Arsenic had anything to do
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was administered several times afterwards, though after the first dose
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time ; but, for near vision, they should be ordered the moment
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It first showed itself at Bombay on the 9th of August, 1820, and in
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in the time of Marryatt. Every one the least conversant \yith the treat-
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constituticgi had scarcely yielded to catarrhal and rheumatic affections,
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the former, tho’ indeed there is much : ) and by Bau-
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/lender , round Stem , an handful high , bearing a Tuft
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of nervous pain and prostration, the difficulty, rooted for a twelve-