Remarks. — There seems to have been a tendency to aural disease in
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The following day the eruption was very vivid, like a boiled lobster, and
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effective date of July 1, 1976, for psychiatric care of
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exceptionally, and under very unfavourable conditions, does it
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the patients are often strikingly incongruous even in early
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and gave her forty niiuims of tincture of opium. This
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gesting rather than resembling that of measles. These rashes are not
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from this source occasionally finding its way out into the neck cannot
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tumour hearing was affected in 1 9. In 1 1 it was on the side of lesion
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five hours. The mother was attended in her confine-
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where it was gradually lost. Being uncertain as to the character of the com-
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body, and cut oflf from the system by the formation of fibrous
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most important screening test for evaluating the intrinsic
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Now it is in cases of this kind that cures are performed by those
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day last, on the vote of .£1444 for quarantine ex-
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Health Department in its Reports was changed in May last
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Prophylaxis. — Prophylaxis should aim at keeping biting animals,
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of e. c. of the standard gives the parts per million of nitrogen as nitrite.
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ing the attack is occasionally observed. Paralysis is very rarely a con-
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joint completely exposed ; but the two portions of the patella
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after digital exploration and i)uncture of the kidney
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patients prophylactically, to prevent the attacks, and I have felt that I have
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during memory, that of the pioneer in the surgery of the
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or other morbid growths affecting the periphery of these nerves, by the
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which are essential to the diagnosis of acute laryngitis.
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or Malta fever, with relapses. Repeated palpation may reveal a
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town may be looked on as almost depopulated. Palermo and
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the mother, as the child died soon after its admission to the hospital.
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This is certainly a most effectual remedy, and, as \i u
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without prominence. It may be here stated that the local and general
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of two considerable aneurismal sacs, the absence of any
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whether the cause lay in the contraction of the cap-
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may excite our surprise, or challenge our belief, it is,
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you always strive to present your readers with the newest in every-
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kingdoms are so very diflferent, that no inference can be drawn from a
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January Tth. — Pulse rapidly increasing in frequency, and
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fistule branchiale. Arch. ni6d. beiges, Brux., 1888, 3. s.,
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