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Dr. Sauerhering: At the time Dr. MacCormaek visited us he

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She went on improving nntil the 20th^ when vomiting came on^

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seen even upon the mucous membrane, e.g., the arch of the palate,

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case a solution of carbolic acid of 95 per cent, had been in-

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We must take care not to confound dj-sentery, on the one hand,

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tween the neurons is formed. Numberless histological

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sixteen or seventeen days. In some cases this stage is of exactly a week's

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traces of uric acid. A very small amount of albumen and

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; rested from her journey, and five days before she ex-

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of the scaffold! The life-blood of the criminal poured out in

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Hawking. — For a certain class of patients, going round the

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I have been able to meet the indications, when the disease

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less diseased kidney if it is desirable to remove the more diseased organ ?

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spot in question and was delighted to see the stain

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the ham to the calf of the leg. The pain has since become much worse, and

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uterine injections. But he thought a more desirable method of applying fluid

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juvenile paretic than in adult paresis. However, the agitated type

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getting it out. It must have penetrated at least six inches, and after

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paralytic or neuralgic disturbance. The expectoration, while affording

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received from him the following : " In a litigation where

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rhage might terminate life, or septic peritonitis be established.

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October and for Mr. Pierson to attend the AM A Communications Conference in Chicago in

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