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man first noticed its presence sixteen to seventeen
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third hemi-decade, and nearly 80 per cent of all cases begin between the ages
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If the treatment is carried on for some time after the last
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in the South are as many eloquent appeals for the study of sanitary science
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zone used as herein descrioed, any nasal hemorrhaije can be
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that a country was composed of so many millions of peo-
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Nor can anything be more evident than the preference due to the
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diameter, had formed in the diseased wall of the gut, corresponding
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washed lead p. X- viii. with two eggs: to whi┬╗. also the juice of nightshade
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the lesion, except in Weinland's case. In those cases in which the tremor
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able" unmarried women who are about to become moth-
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as trustworthy an antiseptic as carbolic acid, it is free from the objections
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Oansation and desoription. Microsporon furfur. Treatment.
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Dose, i^3 diluted in one oz. cold water. Give such a dose
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province of midwifery. If so, it was important to test more
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himself to be wealthy, beautiful, a poet, an author, an athlete, and an
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with erysipelas, and draws the following conclusions :
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basis of epilepsy. Whatever that pathology is, from our present knowledge
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and four sons, all healthy, except one who had chorea and
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its effects are owing, though often sought, has been only lately
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tule: Les Huguenots et les Gueux.] Bull. Acad, roy.d. ac.
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icity to that of the alcohol of the ethylic type. The alcohol
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will cause sweating. The inside of this space should be lined with
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printed about 1550, was another edition of " Banckes' Herbal " of
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thology. There are, upon the average, five post-mortem examinations
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ous feature of the work is the exclusion of all symptoms, of how-
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The essential oil is used for the same purposes, in doses of 10
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Continent. It was mentioned that similar acute fatty degenera-
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Goidelic Celts coming from the European continent, developed
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Thus, in some cases, collapse was the chief feature, piirging, or vomiting,
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Mix, and make into an ointment. This should be rubbed in at
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the space enclosed by the external membrane. Under such cir-
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Georgia, and throo sons, two of whom. Dr. Ethelbort Carroll
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issue is encountered, namely, difficulty in exact differential
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