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ovarian ; the uterus was small and atrophic, and the removal of the

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I think we ought to congratulate Dr. Lange on the beautiful

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periments. All the animals were kept in separate cages. Several

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There is, therefore, six days after labour, a return to the conditions

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in order to be designated as an Integrated Regional

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with those of Sack and Glebowsky, there is afforded incon-

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months within the University, and we need hardly say that

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fered for about eleven years from typical lightning pains in her legs and arms,

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this is not the case, with very few exceptions (three out of the 183 cases),

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Grammar School, on leaving which he joined one of the

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of death printed above in italics should be avoided whenever

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The first patient suffered from tertiary disease, was

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Third District, CHARLES W. BROWN, M.D., Chemung County.

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is avoided, as it produces sub-acute inflammation, which

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scriveners' spasm has only come into notice since the introduction of

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leolus on the injured and sound legs will show the amount of

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attend the autopsy, on May 15th, and 1 have just now received the notes

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Hugh Cabot, M.D., and E. Granville Crabtrec, M.D.. Boston 633