we may attribute to it, in part, the dropsical effu-

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new[i][0] = t_matrix[0][0] * old[i][0] + t_matrix[0][l] * old[i][l] +

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Cbainnan of Committee: The Rev. the Waroen of New College, Oxford.

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report: Long Island College Hospital, $8,G00; Brooklyn

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to take over laboratory work in private office of two

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had the opportunity to observe the same condition in

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No. 3, Wilton-place, on .Tune 7, who frankly told me that the

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is a member of the advisory committee on fund rais-

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protest against the common mistake the evolutionary pathologist makes,

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done this line of investigation justice. The thing to be

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and again we come across the note, " Has used the cure

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not reach as low as the respiratory line — i.e., the line drawn

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clot over the convexities of both hemispheres on the external

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the volume, and occasionally this originality verges upon arro-

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volumes, as well as he could extract so much quinine from so much

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1 advised him to allow me to dilate his uretha so it would admit the

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those forget who propose such complicated means is that in a

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may be examined directly in water, glycerin, or, after dehydration in

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of the tumor was Hat from previous attempts to remove

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is more gratifying to him; hut its intent was. as indi-

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thirteen years from syphilis, was treated with blue oint-

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to go to stool, and by the discharge of a small quantity of bloody mucus or

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die. Especially in adults and in women because of compli-

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physiological sheath of the tubules. This zone of hya-

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rhagica due to rupture of the overdistended tympanic ves-

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riation of the skin which annoyed the patient to such

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arsenic is not truly curative in its action, does not strike at the root of the

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to another, as such cases are apt to do. The history of the case was

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method by which it kills its prey, which usually consists of small

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proofs of the truth of this assertion were wanting, I might appeal to

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claimed as the results of large venesection ; in one case, seventy ounces were

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When we examine the fluid of a pleurisy in Bright's

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