Dickinson, Francis McLean, Ph.B., Yale, '00, . .P. & S., N. Y., '05 Rockville.

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"28. The change of seasons is the safeguard of the human race.

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tremor of the liml)S has diminished and is no longer

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suppression of urine. Her case is referred to later.

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fact, that the arch of the cranium may give way at any point

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" Under the term Carpitis I propose to describe a disease of the

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French warships. They were taken to Port Said and housed

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1898, xxvii, 105. — Si'-dillot. Effcts de retherisatiiin ;

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by a wise Providence for the cure of human ills and

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palate and cheeks, become involved in patches of white canker,

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plains of weakness of certain muscles, especially after using

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Body-snatching, which was entirely in the hands of collegians, was

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each other, and the inner condyle had attached to it about five or six

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