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tation, and is followed by a fit, which, in the opinion of many ])hy-
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ness Mr. L. appears in normal health, and still travels on the
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The chairman of the Committee on Vo- medical men, they cannot be familiar with
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is attached to the left-hand tube. A few strokes of the piston
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at two different places to permit the exit of pus from the integument. The
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absorbed into the system and causes systemic degeneration of
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day. Its good effects were soon apparent. It and the oil were
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the pneumococcus were treated. In these the organisms were not
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instead of being exalted as he has been, and paid a salary nearly as
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carcinoma. Sections made through the growing edge of the
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^r to conclude that in this case either the formation of miliary
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The affection with which hidrosadenitis is most apt to be con-
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in the lungs. There was no ulcerative endocarditis, but a little recent lymph
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agree that it is the one voice that speaks for medicine.
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ddness on one side, the pitch is higher on that side.
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tioo of fomentations and poultices. Ulcers may, perhaps, form from
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(2.) That an arhythmia which is present only occasionally is of less importance
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the remarkable state of preservation they were in, which was
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slowly, and rapidly during the sweating stage. The amount of
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floating liver has been mistaken may be mentioned renal
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when the cause of the enlargen d increased tenson in the peripluval
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stances, is laudable for, after all, they are responsible for the
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and for some time it seemed impossible to reach and enter the bladder.
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On opening the abdomen, the c?ecum and about two inches of the
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occurred with sufficient frequency in this and former epi-