as advocating a new form of management of these cases,

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treatment procedures from Medicare coverage. We received more than 19,000

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doubt that many cases of asthma can be cured in like nian-

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given for a dose. O'Gorman advises copper arsenite for infants, while Uuke

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cases. Tr. Soutb Car. M. Ass., Cbarleston, 1895, xlv, 91-99.

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should be sought for in the treatment of the disease.

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blood was effused into it. Although, in general, there is not

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3. s., xxxvii, 124. — Ilirsehberg (J.) Ein Fall von Lepra

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study of cases, so that more order might be brought out of the present

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necessary to uncover the chest, which momentarily checks the

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tional action of the nerve cells of the cerebrum, medulla,

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binos. This was the only case of the kind I had ever heard of, except

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cow pock two years before, were inoculated for the small pox,

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cure in forty-eight cases out of- a total of 329 ; this is equivalent to a

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These symptems are all much aggravated at the time of the moon's

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and ultimate recovery in cases which had refused to respond to other methods,

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noma of the thyroid is so rare as to have no clinical interest.

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These conclusions I have reached after an extensive experience

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in at least ninety per cent, of their prescriptions, and that, of

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.capsicum, Yz part; fluid aloes, y& part; alcohol, 6 parts;

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.51.6 per cent, of the cases. The ratio of occiput left

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tent dilation with an hour or more between each sitting is safer

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variety of minor papers, by men of repute who are unconnected

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existence of this evil in this city might not properly be

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again oscillated, he had pain in his head, and he died of septic meningitis. If I had

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Case 2. — John W., age 42, male, white, where a sure but mild diuretic is indicated

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case following cerebral embolism, the attack being ushered in by a severe