proved. He also presented a report by Dr. E. L. Whitnej',
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c.c. of glucose to be administered is added fifteen to sixty drops of
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lobe in which the deposit of tubercle is most abundant. Certain pulmonary
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cord and those into the brain are strictly comparable Avitli one another. A
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u Hypertrophy of the Turbinated Bones and Reflex Phenomena." In the
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ly all the external paries of the right ventricle: the white colour
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(a) the early loss or prolonged retention of deciduous predecessors ;
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its action is upon inorganic material only, not upon the organized tissues of
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have already stated that these forms pass into each other, and need only
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strained and cooled to about 40° F., and kept at not
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being called in, she was freely bled, and on their return was again bled.
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troduced in this manner to flood the country, the real
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grasped and moved by the hands externally. She now com-
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he may use all his powers of persuasion, but his actual au-
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these tissues, foreign to the parts in which they are situated,
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Dr. Sauerhering: At the time Dr. MacCormaek visited us he
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or by their authorized officer or agent, designate phy-
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at the end of the second year, and then they would have the entire two years for the next.
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possibly due to the fact that the coUargol treatment was not always
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But how seldom have these brilliant cures been effected
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showing a decided influence had been exerted by this
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tary of the State society that said society it so reoogiuM^ iit
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remark, as the writer simply says that improved methods of
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already and is still giving such deplorable results that
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the febrile state, those are right who affirm that hectic does not entirely
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the growths. Other tumors with pigmentation, pelvic, pseudoleukffimia,
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Secretaries of medical societies will confer a favor by keeping us in-
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Society, April 13, 1S76, on this subject, narrates some ex-