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dentition. A few cases occur during the middle period of life, but after

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during labor, when reflex excitation is greatest, and that

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Scicnt. Tr. Itoy. Dubl. Soc, 1893-6, 2. s., v. 525-538, 5pl.—

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Before admission to the Second Professional Examination

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resort to the legislature, for we could not do it oiirselves; we

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culin would be of benefit in tuberculosis only when used in such a way

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The specimen was shown before the Schlesischer Medical Society in

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The bacteriological methods to be employed in the examina-

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atresia of the uterus and vagina, resulting from slough-

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purpura, vitamin K deficiency, von Willebrand’s disease, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, acquired

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urine was withdrawn per catheter for about two weeks and

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