Exps. 8 and 9. 200 cc. of 1 per cent, glycogen solution containing 2 cc.

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for the diagnosis of stricture of the intestine, we must still remember

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She went on improving nntil the 20th^ when vomiting came on^

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prophylaxis is answered thus far by a proper proportion of food, rest,

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would not have been diplomatic to add subjects so unpopular and

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cial teeth, Verneuil places importance upon anxiety. It is

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are being made to prevent disease, however, the advantage of ample

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over the whole circulating medium of the extremities and other parts that it

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however, in sudden tubal rupture was well marked. The

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chronic and fatal illness, often slow in its progress,

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after, he diagnosed congestion or inflammation of the lungs.

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Rubus Trivialis, (dewberry,) roots ; astringent, tonic.

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(Sears and Trudeau) who have made a really thorough

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aspect ; the sweat glands were rarely so implicated. Although the cells and

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of the (juestion, but many rheumatic nodules could be felt in the

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housing, maintaining, and shipping medical supplies in accordance

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respectively) were associated with reduced fetal survival and maternal

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these men have become gradually acclimatized to their

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The improvement, however, seems to be only temporary, and the

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citement attendant upon the sexual intercourse. He was

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troubles, overcrowding in asylums and prisons, etc., we must also reckon

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tion of the corpuscles of frogs' blood, certainly indicate that there is

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The birds of series (a) maintained their body-weight and were quite

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frequently seen in cases of idiocy and imbecility. If, again, there is slow-

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rience has shown it to have much value. It may be given in doses of five