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24. Granular corpuscles acted upon by pressure. ", s e of the oily

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less positively, and for the nature of the disease to remain uncertain, as it

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Use of Intelligence Tests. U. S. Naval Medical Bulletin,

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is due to spasms caused by compression of nerves or by reflex action. After

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ical droplets are of a yellowish color ■ sometimes the yellowish color-

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the cesspool intended for a trap, but misconstructed, and upon and over

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we may include Alexander Stevens, Joel Hart, Adams,

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When mixed with the blood, it will readily dissolve any vegetable alka-

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Bose.—H., mx.-xxx. (.6-2.); C, 3 ss.-i. (2.-4.) ; D., mi i. (.015-.06).

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reached a high peak by October 26 as did that for the unvaccinated

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Dr. Osier aho exhibited the uterus and ovaries of a woman,

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time of its death. It had marked dyspnea and constant

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none was found. As the oedema of the bowel soon began to dis-

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to anything original, the intention being merely to con-

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as a fellow in surgery in April, 1927, but transferred his

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possess a characteristic oscillating motion, or larger forms

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cure effected by continuing the applications 2 or 3

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covered that their previous success in saving life had been due not to

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ment that antitoxin had little or no effect in stopping the ravages of

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first test should be made while the patient is lying down.

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diet can be selected from the catalogue of those not excluded

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and makes its left border steeper. Therefore percussion during forced

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swelling. A tense, thin-walled cyst was seen. It contained

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evening between seven and eight o'clock, lasting three to four hours. The