lin's fluid, typical. Cohn's solution, germination only.
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Since Gull and Sutton, nearly forty years ago, called attention to the fact
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nerves, or localized paresthesia, or anesthesia, or disturbance of function of some
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kemia. A nervous origin of the disease has not been
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infinitesimal doses is fatal to that theory ; as also the homceo-
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infection. He dwelt upon the difficulties connected
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tickled, etc. From this well- known class of cases we turn
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mediate aid — some to rebuild their homes, others for
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signs cheeked. If the drug is reinstituted it should be done with cau-
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were slightly retarded, but otherwise unmodified, he repeated the
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lows: Take of Chloral Hydrate two scruples, Iodide of Potassium two
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"His history of France is worthy to figure with the
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hand, from which I selected a piece of small calibre, but
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white bell glass to serve as a control. Other than the
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ents or lacteals of this portion. But, when it has reached the
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Starling, Thompson, and Magnus have shown that there is a certain rela-
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blood pressure is raised, and there is a threatening of headache.
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cough and bronchitis.) Ibid.. 691; 707.— Vermel (S. B.)
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the accessory is not so connected. I am not able to de-
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In later cases, I found that no evil results followed the practice of
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The inoculation on the GLANS was followed by itchiDg fourteen
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ample, are brassy degeneration of the red cells, some degenerations
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It was concluded from the historv and physical signs that the pneumothorax
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In four instances we have removed a greatly enlarged spleen in pa-
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removing many appendices as an incidental procedure when operat-
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ago to devising methods for administering that intractable
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struggle between the Communists and the Versailles troops
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the end of six weeks or two months ; and occasionally the patient con-
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characteristic of syphilis. He is especially struck with the fact that astig-
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sick headache very frequently has its origin in eye strain.
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Nuisances Caused by Trade Wastes. — It not infrequently happens
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would seem, then, a perfectly logical deduction to make, that
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air. This is because, as Dr. Sylvester suggested, the
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