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the fact of the poisoning in doubtful cases. Now it is quite true,

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cerebro-spinal fluid, he might be able to get rid of

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The four weeks ending 24th November were slightly warmer than

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state that the Ag-Vg interval varies with different degrees of block,

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abscess, may at any moment have a fresh attack of rigors, which is speedily fol-

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do after withdrawal of the blood supply, but continue to live and grow.

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tinctly, and yet the evidence of suppuration is not sufficient to justify

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O'Brien, Frederick Wm., 2-44 Lenox Ave., New York, New York Co.

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the entire left leg and part of the thigh, the foot being free,

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India (Massari). According to Asteriades, allegedly nor-

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Division of Nurses, Department of Regulation and Licensing, 201 East Washington Avenue

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tion which would begin to end this plague of guns have

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clusively milk diet for a fortnight. A week after this

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Dissolve the iodine in the alcohol, then add glycer-

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That is all, reader; and it is a sober truth, every word of it. But to make a more

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and wishes to sit up a little while. Has passed a good deal of urine.

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Now, while it is clear that those operations embracing the

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