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article "Myelitis." — 8. Buzzard and Risiex Russell. Clin. Soc. Trans. 1898,
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William A. Purrington, Esq. ; The Medical Expert of the Past, the
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When ^vriting Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine
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74 years.— Dr. John A. McCreery, New York, November 10,
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ferent causes. From one of the abscesses was obtained
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Deux cas de choro'idite suppurative ( panopbtalmite ) k
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terval), when he expelled two tubular membranes. During night, res-
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investigation of rabies. In 1817 and 1818, Delabere Blaine and
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kind of reasoning hitherto employed by physicians has
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ciple even if he did not understand some of the methods
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He became interne in 1853, and began his service as such at the " Maternity."
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cases of tuberculosis of the genito urinary tract observed
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total number of admissions from which they came) and the theater
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contact with it, but it does not succeed in preventing its evolution.
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1890, iv, 97; 145.— von Kieseritzky (\V.) Seltene com-
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leaves quickly with artificial heat at a temperature just below 100 C. until
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