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in the following list : — Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy,

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Cornwall, seems comparatively more healthy than the other

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appetite was excellent, and my food well digested. From this time

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the advantage of every physician to have this whole library at hand, the volumes are sold

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morning, following a retention meal given at night, the stomach is found

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2, The Parenchimatous or Hyperplastic Local Urethritis. — ^This is, in

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cation as to the location of the cortical lesion. There had

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the mind has stood many a shock, and encountered many a trial.

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Godart (Bull, de la Soc. Beige de Gynec. et d'Obstet., No. 1, 1895) re-

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"showing, in their opinion, that this addition to the educational

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ence of arsenic in organic matter, especially in toxicological work, exceed-

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partment Reserve Officers a Convention on Military Med-

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16. "increase in urinary output of riboflavin" 17. "improvement in pediatricians'

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improved method of stimulation ; from the middle of

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into larger tubes, where the obstruction is less ; but the effect of tli ^

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When I saw the patient for the first time, September 5, 1883,

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2. That the danger of a return is greatly increased when the disease

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Fonctionnemeut de la Maison D'Accouchements Bandelocque :

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action. The faeces are at first rendered black, from an excess

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give way to more or less flatness over the lower portion of the cavity, since

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by cold water dashed in the face ; by removing all confining liga-

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cumstances under which it occurs, or which appear to be pro-

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present a somewhat decolorized appearance, but they do not adhere firmly

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worse. She had the 'numony' before, but now she's got the 'p-nu-

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The other leading sign for the diagnosis between real

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a man forty-five years of age, had had attacks of obstruc-

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Four years ago she erected at Bellevue Hospital as a

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ceding five years. The average constantly sick has been 1^