On post-mortem examination, the organs and tissues, as
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cutaneous injection. The von Pirquet test can be used frequently, but
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it is leaf-like and flat in appearance. Its affinity for basic dyes is
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paper filter kept warm by an electrical device, and preserved in
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to the stable, I must say that it was large, airy, admirably paved
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been a water-gilder for seventeen years before he was attacked.
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Bible must prevail, when anyone can appeal to it succes.-*fully in favour of
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those whose means do not necessitate it. Success here largely
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extensively relied on, are fallen in almost entire disuse. Assafoetida
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of London ; of the Uoyal Academy in Itelgium : Correspondfng Fellow of the Sociedad Espanol
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nodules. The natives called the fly ' ngumba.' It is, however,
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practice, particularly in the frequent absence of burrows or other lesions
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that one can, from the fact of the light sense being im-
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had been formerly suffered. But it has been accompanied with
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the abdominal contraction. During this passage, as we have seen,
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wifery ■' our treatment of difficult cases should not always rest on what is pos-
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Shortly after this he became subject to epileptic fits and convulsions.
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being delivered by an eminent member the dinner was
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through the courtesy of Dr Blair Cunynghame, in the Register
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in the various parts of the tubule ? We can scarcely guess. One is tempted
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the temporal lobe giving rise to the symptoms present
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of fat was extremely important in the production of
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and interested in their survivors, the various spiritual visitors may have
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the various kinds of hernia; with renal and cystic calculi;