soon a periodical devoted to climattology and its rela-

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of the uterus, which contained about 60 c. c. of dark, soft blood-

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eo«M not be referred to any oaiue; he hnd hqI l eee t ^e d — y

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generally die of a complication of Whooping cough with croup, or

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occurred in a small number. In almost all, the edge^ and tip of the

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hand. If Dr. Thomson thought these things wrong, why did he not

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watery extract of Bacillus proteus for at least three generations. An

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condition, especially treating hydrothorax of the right side.

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other hand, that their efforts are aimed only at maintaining

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a child of A. H., aged 19 months, with croup. I learned Upon inquiry

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greater injury to the eye than gas even, and very much

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virulence and arc comparatively expensive. They also have the further

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''rod " and "card" tests, and if specially indicated by

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noticed in Melbourne since the great influx of population attracted by its

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gin the treatment with a purgativo, so as to being sufficient to insure an improvement, as

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question to be a male ; and requested that Dr. Ticknor might, with the con-

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{rabidity) supervene. The duration of the disease varies from

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sonal knowledge of the group to which we presume he or

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The physical signs of serofibrinous pleurisy differ with the stage of the

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shown before the pathological section of the Academy

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1. Diphtheria was apt to be ushered in by a chill, and

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energy, which augments their secretion, and render their size larger, and their

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deny that he has done much for the correct interpretation of the symp-

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periments or vivisections? Did we then chase the coin

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Wings with tliree yellow costal spots— longipalpis

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penetrating the cranial cavity. Some idea of the thickness of

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Conference Center, Fayetteville. Two Category I credit

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years, owing to the beauty and complexity of the problems which

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matter. Ten leeches were applied to the side; six grains

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peculiar eruption. A very old disease, dating back into middle

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I think sometimes, could I only have music on my own terms, could

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nantly structural, in 4 functional. The majority of these cases

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averse to a law restricting the use of arsenic, but we

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Cause. — In most cases it is the result of some chronic state or

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straint is exerted we cannot comprehend. It may, however, be noted that

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four). Besides this, the iodide seems to affect the sac itself. The use