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tal use of touch ; and, finally, that a black surface is
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remaining nine of which, three were somewhat benefited, and six not at
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On admission he was found to have well-marked left hemi-
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of the urine can be estimated from the amount of acid phosphates, since the acid
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" Jan. 5th. — Patient has continued to improve, though slowly ; in-
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of blood was drawn from an ear vein from each animal every -4 days until
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arrives until the unsoundness of the heart has reached the
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1st. Derangements in the nutrition of the tissues, leading either to an increase of
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to the testis ; this is the fascia propria. As the cremaster muscle
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bloody mucus came away. The urine contained both albumen and sugar.
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to me for treatment, complaining of a dryness and irritation
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onlv result being a little bleeding from the first puncture. The track of the
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• Death from Chloroform.— The Bulletin of the Chicago
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los tuberciilosos. Cion. m6d., Valencia, 18H3-4, vii, 513-
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I think Dr. Stucky is to be congratulated on the result obtained in
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minimum incubation period, the length of the exposure prior to the date from
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Trous.seau, Clinique medicale. 7th Ed., Vol. III. and Pidoux, cited by Laveran.
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On Wednesday, how changed the scene ! Upon my morning visit, I
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hand is more or less affected with oedematous swelling.
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successor to the late Professor Rogers. The school, in
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cleanse the diseased scrotal areas. Various operations have
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impossible to estimate the relative values of the vari-
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new buiUlinj, if they could obtain the loan of such part of
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from fourteen to sixteen days; in others it has been known to return
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to the nation in the future, must also inquire whether moderate or
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terine, oil globules, granular matter, blood corpuscles, and
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pubertic development ; intensify with adolescence ; and attain
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as Gerhard found it in one only out of every five or six of the cases
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klassischeAltertum 21 (1908): 684-703, and Ludwig Edelstein, "The
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cine, no practical and permanent advantage has resulted from this
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the crownpiece, with the left hand draw the ears gently under the crown-
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to tuberculin means tuberculosis and to gonococci, gonococcal infec-
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locations are generally the result of accident, but may result
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understood when the term sign is alone used. In this sense of the term
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ral other countries on the continent of Europe, and even
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Hirntod ohne Zusammenliang mit der Operation. Arch,
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high than a low temperature ; and in the fit of each day the
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by vertical scorings or slight incisions, so that it shall gradually perco-
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sulphuric and nitric acids. Nitric acid had been used in
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more than one writer that bullets embedded in the brain
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all cases of gunshot wounds of the spine, provided the wound has involved
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shrunken and the cavity much smaller than normal. In some of these