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Ear, and Throat Hospital, Demonstrator and Chief of Clinic of Eye and Ear Diseases in

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changes in the kidney epithelium, from an impoverished condition

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all this road had the two armies swept again and again. In vain I

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aid in forming a diagnosis, while in persons of more advanced years

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vention could baffle his skill. The grave covers his blunders, and from

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the internal carotid. There had been evidently interference with the flow of

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enlisted, particularly by the regimental recruiting service,

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was partly autobiographical, but it also gave a very interesting

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complicated by the fact that routine analgesics such as

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dition of the system due to inactive organs, plus some

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Hammond says that "the discrimination of the very highest flights

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Now, let us look at the organisation that manages pensions at

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drunk by him, and if we deduct from this the loss of weight, and the

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sling (fig. 267). Keep the splints on for four weeks. Passive motion

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Harsh, George Frederick, w, sp, Garrett, Ind. A.B. (U. of Illinois) '22.

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rheumatism, as soon as there is any indication of nervous

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spores. Here, then, we have the solution of the question,

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by the wiping process until it adhered as a hard coating,

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perfection in its structure will change the character of the fluid flowing

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questi«m were an»-A'eied in the negative, the Act of Assembly does not,

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of the spleen, when the lesion was really a left hydronephrosis. These

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1. Character of eruptions. The "shotty" feeling and involve-

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to ignore the usual explanation of this accident by

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rare to meet with a mother who, before becoming such, has devoted

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The chief subjects considered are hemorrhages, hemato-

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6, 1836, when it broke out in Pali, the principal d^p6t of traffic between

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fluid has been described as acid. Various chemical substances, such as

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however, curetting of the interior of the cavity is not necessary, and the

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or spinal cord. In this sense the term is not appropriate as applied to

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marked towards the end of the first week from the commencement of the

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Yet if, as stated above, post-influenzal meningitis be a very benign affec-

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venous shunts. An arteriography study. Clin. Radiol. 1968. In press.

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ioDg-continued emplo3nncnt of 1)elladonna. Electrization of the surface

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the nursery which is of good quality and purity. It is astonishing how

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< Med. Research, 1904, xii, 329; 1906, xiv, 541; Jour, of Exp. Med., 1906, viii, 64.

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that, we are informed by Mr. F. J. Hawthorn, the House-

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much of all tiiis misery might have been averted by the

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months; the one-year survival was 30%. Patients with

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beneficial influence on uraemia, and may hold it in check for a period which

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The intervals at which the doses are to be taken, should