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tual irritation, and especially ulcers near the outlets of the body,
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rigors, extreme depression, and all the other symptoms of severe pyrexia.
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Speaking generally, it -may be said that those inflammatory diseases of the eye
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7. — Bissell describes a new ecraseur working upon the
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Henry H. Smith, M. D., Professor of Surgery, University of
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in the duodenal glands of the dog, which he regards as alveoli, and therefore
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cal School; ."Attending Neurologist, Wesley Memorial Hospital; Consulting Neurologist,
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:\.<;coli : Miinch. nied. Wthns^hr., 1904. xxxiv.
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Ochtertyre, gives an interesting sketch of Dr John Gregorj^ It
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congested face). The aetiology of cerebral haemorrhage is complex, but
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whiskey, every four hours ; also whiskey and water occasionally.
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over the opening, some oozing from which is likely to occur.
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Alleviation of the Discomforts Following Anesthesia,
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demanded when necessary in order to secure a specimen
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jerk, and if looked for will be frequently found to accompany the optic nerve