disease may produce. Are they not also such as may be pro-
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The eosin-methylene-blue stain is admirably suited for the demonstration of
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of that disease. In like manner the crepitant rale, obtained by ausculta-
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2 3/4" shorter than the right leg. Visual fields and
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limits. We here have a range between immunity and all degrees of
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material there is such a superabundance in every branch of
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of them that when there is sufficient blood for the experiments, there are
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M. D., Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Hering Medical
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aconite, digitalis, and the numerous poisons so ex-
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pernicious anaemia may reveal unsuspected gross lesions, such as cancer of
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ant, in a recent lecture, said : "Of 1,335 persons who
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of the human body, and consistent with the laws of life and health. On
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In pei-forming resection of the knee, it has been M. Ollier's aim to place the
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nent feature. The media also at points shows moderate regressive
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ance of fiBcal matter for several days, occurring after
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the pulmonary artery is quoted from Playfair. A lady,
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resistance be suddenly diminished, the machinery begins to race
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'J'lie observations began from one to four weeks ])revious to parturi-
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history in Maryland, Gifford's home state and the site of his
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** Osier emphasizes the fact that a trace of albumen and a few tube
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positively stated in vol. ii., as referred to before, that Dr.
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thirty aiaimals were all inoculated witli the matter of
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a knowledge of French and German be required for admission to
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power as a centripetal action of the sensorial nerve to produce a reflex motion. In the flrst
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delirium. She recognized some members of her family,
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tricles; some little pus found over tract of optic commissure. Membranes of cord infiltrated.
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where repeated applications of a current which caused contrac-
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down, as the lower part of the cervical portion did not present
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monia, as in typhoid, the specific germ has been found in the kidney, so that
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of London from 1902 to 1908, and was Vice-Chancellor from 1903
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the terribly defective condition of housing, he pointed out that
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She went on improving nntil the 20th^ when vomiting came on^
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the patient was in bed for several weeks because of
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practical application of kangaroo mother care in preterm infants
discharged when teachers take charge of the schools, except
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ed nasal obstructions, but congenital de- ^jg^n, in this connection, God only knows,
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till completely mixed. Two tablespoonfuls of water may be
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formi, eniicatalessi destia durante il sonno ipnotico,
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Pathology. To the naked eye little can be seen, but microscopically
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toneum with fine silk, and the muscle and fascia with interrupted silk-