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ing that he was registered under the Medical Act. Mr.
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ell, of New York; Is the Railway Hospital an Economy? by
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Perineal prostatectomy was practiced for prostatic enlargement by
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a large portion of the lung, and is uncircumscrihed ; and some-
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thing for themselves and of making a personal fight. This should be taken
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made a similar observation in a case of osteomyelitis of the sub-
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ing pains, but there were no other symptoms of internal disease.
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erable experience in this subject. Tlie treatment is
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every physician who neglects to duly warn such men, and guard
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be excluded by the presence of an enlarged liver with jaundice and fever,
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instance has the writer had a case of this description go wrong in the after
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the same boat. I mention this case to call roses into her cheeks. That was a large
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son, M. B., L. F. p. S. Glasgow, Assistant I )emonstrator of
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years of 1897 and 1898, 32 cases of enipyeiua, 15 of which
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The patients had the arthropathies of locomotor ataxia.
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and " On the Toxic Effects of Various Mercurial Preparations," by Dr,
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other than the direct use of solutions. Inasmuch as the substance is slightly
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able that the legislature would sanction such an extensive
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tions it was perhaps as useful and as unobjectionable as any-
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indivisible principle, and equally due to animals burdened
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This, combined with the most careful mechanical execution, and its very durable binding, renders
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