clear serum, or milky fluid ; in places dried crusts, often
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cranial contents (see " Brain, Surgery of," vol. ii.).
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sure, and a partial critic might indulge in either, on indisputable
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alarm. We do not preacli what we do not believe, and
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•of potassium in combination with opium were given, and this
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nodules. The natives called the fly ' ngumba.' It is, however,
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the intestine, vagina, or urinary bladder of vertebrates. Others are
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uterus and the ovaries were normal, but their peritoneal
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persons : the discharges being innocuous, or incapable of communicating
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appear-to be an example of some other spinal affection. Charcot accounts
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been operatively not infrequently encountered. Merkel, Lange,
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of the pelvis. M. B. therefore deterrainecl to perform Barton's operation, which
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kind is too trivial for the careful consideration of the conscientious practitioner.
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{*) Gushing, Avoidance of Shock in Major Amputations by Cocainization of
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paitSs or of the entire brain. ITie variety of appearances, resulting horn
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acteristic signs of a child with congenital heart lesion.
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The entertainments provided for the members of the Associ-
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the one to which I refer, and to say that they reaped an abundant har-
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ant things that the medical practitioner can do, is to reduce the
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occur, and as placenta and clots are frequently retained and
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greater coldness of the winters that the lower tempera-
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First year as junior externe, five months in the sur-
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last generation were classified as examples of "softening of the brain."
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Richmond, treated of this subject in the way generally
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and of other muscles. But we have seen rigid opisthotonos continue
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