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but in no instance, unless congested, infiltrated, or otherwise diseased, do they
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sterile kidney tissue in ascitic fluid has been shown to change the
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diseases vary greatly in severity. Thus we have walking typhoid and
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Twenty, or 42 per cent., of fifty reported cases of nephritis" showed
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traumatic, ulcers, opened abscesses, fistula;, etc. In fresh
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nephritis (the small white kidney with few interstitial changes).
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3 were in children ; in one case of disease of the lumbar
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The lower parts of the outer doors of public structures, such as markets
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scapular; so that in relation to this asthmatic itching tlie fact would
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Guards and Dragoons serving in Great Britain, only 286 were
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ance which is quite characteristic. The fatty degeneration may be confined
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complained much of thirst and abdominal pain. Dr. Briddon
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* On some of the effects of the bromide of potassium when administered in large
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As an example of the connection between the stages in the fever
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Medical Journal. The services of both the late Editors have
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WAGNER (RUDOLF). Hand-Book of Chemical Technology. Trans-