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(2) interference with vision ; (3) lachrymation ; (4) photophobia.

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Any attempt to relax the treatment was at once succeeded by a recurrence

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A Compend of Diseases of the Skin.โ€” By JAY F. Schamberg,

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doing much to improve the hygienic condition of the

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symptoms more characteristic. From pachymeningitis cervicalis a tumor in

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fact that when a fluid evaporates to its gaseous state it absorbs a con-

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The salts form at the surface in warm weather, and being quite

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session one hundred and twenty-eight freshmen, and, altogether

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osteoporosis. The investigation of causes of osteo-

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point (Tappui. (2) The pressure on the clavicle is not

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holding the buttocks apart, while the cocaine solution โ€”

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and the same freezing point as the tissues into which they are used ;

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regard to any local affection, to show that it is dependent on a general or

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under the impression that she was laboring under a relapse of

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Pasteur, M. L, Note relative au Penicillium glaueum et k la dissym^trie mol^ulaire

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sometimes overwork, though this is rare. Dana is not mistaken in

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34. Mason JW, Billingham ME, Ricci DR: Treatment of acute inflammatory

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rated, have upon the kidneys or bladder ? What reasonable motive can there

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methods have been devised for its enforcement. His researches, and

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process is not complete at the end of three and one-half hours.

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parative estimations of the amount of work performed.

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