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found in the blood-vessels, and in blood-serum it is caused to disappear by the
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England, it is so rich in suggestions and valuable hints of practice as to-
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lipidemics (29), antigout drugs (24), oral contraceptives (18),
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copies, and to the state medical societies, certain libraries, and
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Case 1. (98, '01.) A woman, 25 years old, had suffered for several years
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only a pinkish-grey tint, with some blurring of the pattern on a cut surface.
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right upper maxilla. It completely filled the mouth,
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admitted that amputation is required ; however, the remarkable results
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It is hard to fathom the reason why so many such wives
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of vital weakness, and that such lack constitutes an
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(a) MUd or Rudimentary Form. — The cases l>eIonging to this type require
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first instance, to enlarge the orifice according to Colles's method, and
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