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On the other hand, the size of the pneumonic area may be
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civilized land where less is known of the theory and practice of
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fection ; the patient's resistance to the organism being sufficiently high
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hardly distinguishable from those of enteric fever. Both, he
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vivax ; hiemozoin granules coarse, rod-shaped. Infected apes
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%oted. die of pneumothorax ; others from severe pulmonary
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ance on the lower lids only in a brunette young woman, it seems
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as a unidirectional spontaneous nystagmus and a tendency to
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of 2000, so that the total bed capacity of the centers was ulti-
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The s^^nptoms of cretinism differ from those of the adult fonn. but
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tumours of the neck and face. Subsequent carcinoma of splenic
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better than before. In 1906 the author made his first
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and the phenomena of fever are the consequences of the efforts of
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but no permanent improvement. Warm baths, .steam baths, and hot-air
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path., Paris, 1874, Si'r. 2, tome i. p. 49. 8. Proc. Roy. Soc. Ed in.,
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lar, feeble pulse, convulsive, muscular movements, jactitation, hyperaestbeeia, delirium
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Callcott, James T. | Kowell, Geo., SI.R.C.S. | Wilson, Clias. W.
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.rind, and gum arable 15 grammes of each, and placing in a htre
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alone is enough to prevent any confusion between the two affections. In
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The following case seems worthy of record on account of
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the action of this has concluded, to throw up an enema
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antiphlogistic measures. In the first case, indeed, the symptoms were
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Sometimes the pain is sudden, sharp and piercing, and for a
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it has, with equal certainty, occurred without the existence of any such
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makes very rapid progress, notwithstanding the internal use of
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Cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disorders 10,286
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This .^ssociation was organized only a few months ago
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it probably has the power of protecting itself against
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this eruption is attended by a disagreeable sense of burning at the