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Micrococcus meUtensis, Bently, in 1902, claimed that kala-azar was a malignant form

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of the administration of calomel and opium, on which we place

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rhagic diathesis. By a former wife he had a daughter,

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sympathy, to the detriment of persons and institutions

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last case was that of a woman, thirty-four years of age,

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*The February 1910 JOURNAL contained eleven scientific papers on

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CliMifrion £■«;<)«.- Patrick J. Molony, B.M. and M.C. Trin. Col. Dub.,

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being equivalent to the number of millimetres of the cylinder

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Incipient Insanity.— Dr. T. O. Wood, of London, England, writing

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duced him to try it more extensively, and in almost every

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tals, etc., invented by Dr. SchaflFer, of Berne. The appa-

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which affected his individual organism, such as hunger and thirst,

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sections of the brain and spinal cord bear out the macroscopic appearances. The

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that it seems wiser always to make it the first step, re-

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from the face and trunk. Eespiration is noisy, the wheezing being audible

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curiously enough maintains that the existence of contrac-

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then dried in a room heated to 150°. This destructive com-

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Hospital Stewards. The Department was also placed on a more inde-

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was the only proprietary remedy reported by the Commission, the other

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at no point gangrenous, but its wall evidently nearly as thin as

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vaccine virus which exempts it from changes which effect,

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Sinkler, of Philadelphia ; Dr. Jacoby, of New York, and

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Czerraak's apparatus; but for demonstration toothers

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. The use of V. Storch's tests (see p. 330), viz, with an iodide and

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( i.ni is well 1 < \ c.i let I I >\ the son ol 1 a ofes

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After Celsus, Claudius Galenus of Pergamus, in Asia Minor, ap-

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last resort, when all other possible means have been ex-

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fatigue and slow ungainly walk constitute Rabelais'

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gradually increased to a sense of burning and smarting, which, however, is