Chicago M. J. & Exam., 1883, xlvi, 337-352. Also, Re-
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Exceptional opportunity to join a pediatric practice of four
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in 74-5 per cent, of the females, and 68-5 per cent, of the males.
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Wednesday, February 7, ISill, at the Medical Library, No. 11)
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lesion and its pulmonary complication in the nervous system, and
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Motoring is, for obvious reasons, probably the worst possible
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other diseases. On the other hand, some diseases afford protection against
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a purely fluid one. The source of the blood will be readily under-
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central lesions (poliomyelitis) in the same individual. It is easy, I repeat,
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on the Tery point they were cited to support. But what
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last recovery, walking about, although'there was still
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ten remaining chapters deal with viviparity and with what Harvey
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of the spinal cord and manifesting itself in the first years of life ; just as it
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ploratory abdominal section a means of meeting them that
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past editions. This unique supplement to the Journal hi
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the Commanding Officer and the officers in charge that he was unfit
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the women ; while the urinary passages were tuberculous
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Tendeloo* has made a very careful study of the mechanical forces
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the form of cases of pyelitis, and the differential diagnosis has to be made
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sensible enough, giving a very fair idea of the present views enter-
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sively through Asia, Russia, and Europe, which was the case in the
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observations in respect to the treatment of rheumatism.
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of cases chronic interstitial pancreatitis is accompanied by fat necrosis,
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irregular shape. The larger part of the tumour is formed by the cyst,
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ters which are lost by the short-sighted, as by the
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Like so many of the great lights of learning of the later renaissance,