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resort to the knife has always been, excepting in cases of

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in a white girl twelve years of age. I examined her urine every other

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In the same disease, I once gave a female patient ten grains, within an

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clothing, should be noted. The direction of its flow may

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The prognosU is extremely unfavorable, death occurring in 90 per

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of that period. He died in 912 A. D. as the result of a

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these cases are well reported, and are worthy of careful study, although

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The total number of contusions of all parts of the body was

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micrococci in the affected tissues in cases of diphtheria simply indicates the

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of the head and eyes. In Mierzejewski and Rosenliach's case of

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scesses are occasionally of considerable size. Their shape

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12. Mrs. G. 15., married, no children, aged thirty-four,

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entrance of the sporozoites into the red corpuscles.

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It must be confessed that only a small number of cerebral tumours

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the errors of the writer from whom he quotes. As early as 1842,

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chief exciting causes are syphilis, excessive venery, alcoholism

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symptoms which had annoyed her so long to disappear ! A

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door, or through wet boots, such a catarrh becomes at once

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