it. But it will avail nothing if we miss the other more
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Figure 5 — Patient in Case 3 taken three years after resection of prosthesis.
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ood-liver oil should be prescribed for the weakly and strumous, and
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who take interest in the subject, and has already received
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where the oonstriction is not very narrow, while gastro-anastomosis
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chamber is ruled in nine square millimetres, and the centre
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been operatively not infrequently encountered. Merkel, Lange,
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RovAL Artillery. —Staff ARsistant-Rurgeon William Kippen Stewart.
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teen years of age, accounting for 33.5 per cent of the
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designation of the work as a " Practical Gynaecology " by no means
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resulting pyo- pneumothorax. In one such instance an
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into schools ; and we shall make some remarks on them. They
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* Read before the Section in Neurology of the New York Academy
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for improvement of hearing to the consideration of the
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and I have seen an instance in an old man in which the change slowly
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at different parts of the canal. The follo«-ing were the ques-
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more sensitive in its reaction than the tuberculin tests performed either
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sea, and, as far as practicable, properly shut off and protected from the efflu-
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practice, particularly in the frequent absence of burrows or other lesions
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the right subclavian or the right vertebral arteries.
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student in his efforts to cure the formidable lesions which it is intended to in-
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This hospital was first opened for the reception of patients on the
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Paget (Stephen), on the subcutaneous injection of paraffin for the
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The discussion of the effect of sexual excesses on hyper-
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air in that way. That also relieves the pain to a very
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Lest this opinion of mine should be considered hasty, I shall
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Anemia. — This is a very special characteristic. To it is owing the
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Tuberculosis began to decline before the nature of the infec-
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fact that I have offered you practically nothing that
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doubt, as has been conclusively shown by the experiments of I^hmann, Hammond and
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by scanty connective tissue with few cells. There was
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waistcoat. Sponging the body, followed by brisk friction, is useful. The