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its injury. On its passage from the brain it gives off branches on

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measures, and no remedy has been found that is of the slightest

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duction of fat coincides absolutely with the fattening of animals, and

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much debilitated, or who are naturally troubled with scrofula and

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State of the Pupils, — ^This varies so greatly in different cases, and even

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such a degree of exalted reflex excitability, that they seem to be de-

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also shows the tendency to dis- » _,, ,. i.-,*, ^-m

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lie invigorated and established upon a solid foundation by whole-

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and Ijy-laws. There was no opposition to this scheme

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creased oxidation, but the greater heat in the viscera is fully explained

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the swelling, usually the more intense is the pain, owing to increased

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overtaxed brain, equalize the circulation, invigorate the system and

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ily cured by them. Acute gout is much less apt to affect the heart.

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of the old world at various times, destroying multitudes of people or

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head, ice allowed to allay thirst, and lime water and milk as the most

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membrane. The symptoms are similar to those of brain disease in

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formerly calculated by weeks it is now estimated by days. Taking

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bral function, and of the part played by nerve centres in controlling

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necessary for this, and his attention should be called to the point

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either reeking with sweat, or compelled to return to winter clothing

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Ebstein : Die Natur und Behandlung der Gicht, 1882. Beitriige zur Lehre von

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on 233 cases of acute and subacute rheumatism, that of those under

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feeling of heaviness and sluggislmess, rush of blood to the head,

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ing OP the Lids; 4, Inflammation op the Eye; 5, Stye; 6,

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the powder to the warm food every time before the child nurses.

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nephritis. StrUmpell describes cases as occurring in the heavy beer drinkers

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applied at once and changed and re-applied for the first day with

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etc. The arterial ansemia and the lack of haemoglobin in the blood on

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draw attention to the similarity of the symptom complex to that seen

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take plenty of exercise; bathe often; keep the head cool, the feet

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the muttering delirium ceased, the tongue cleaned, he was less sunk

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can be suggested. The same principle applies in each case, but the