and nervous exhaustion. Was not the mode of life in America,
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and specimens. The book consists essentially of an elaboration of the
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to be written upon the subject of appendicitis, as there is much yet to
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properly zealous in their exertions, and true to the trust they as-
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duodenum are enlarged and congested. The liver is generally
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disease elements the less liable we are to be affected by them : this is
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of cases of diphtheria admitted to the hospitals of Berlin has
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First of all the Cadillac Hotel is first class in its appoint-
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into a state of spasm or convulsion. They are very similar in their
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with peroxid of hydrogen, followed by Lugol's solution.
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very effectual in relieving Abdominal Pain, Flatulence,
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found to be intensely injected ; the pericardium was
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Comparative anatomy had done its work ; and experimentation, although it
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arms, and legs, and sometimes, but much more rarely, shows itself on
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You say our requirements now represent the minimum. Let
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taken which has the strongest odor, and that which on
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showed improvement from the use of strychnin. The fact that sev-
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2. Pure copper 55, nickel 23, zinc 17, iron 3, tin 2.
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ditis or dilatation was made, we find that ninety-four, or 60 per cent.,
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epidemic who otherwise would have entirely escaped it.
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made constant but slow improvement. The entries on my record-
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it has been urged that in these cases the acetone is referable to the
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quantity of some of the essential oils to disguise the rather unpleasant
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grains to an ounce of water is sufficient ; but for
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tions, etiology, symptomatology, diagnosis, prognosis.
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or are they, on the contrary, entirely unfettered and at i)erfeet lil)erty
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The Fifteenth Annual Session of the Medical Society of the State