every two hours). Often, especially when the attack is accompanied by

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Embolism of the spleen is of frequent occurrence, and abscess of the

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the individual. The free use of alcoholic drinks, especially port, ma-

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injected ; the spleen also is large and soft and of a reddish-gray color from

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Malformation Hypertrophy Dilatation Fatty Infiltration Fatty Degenera-

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may heal at one part and progress at another, thus at times causing ex-

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permanent character, as a tumor or stricture, the ducts are dilated as

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he had jaundice. The side opposite to the wound was paralyzed. No

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DIAGNOSIS. The nature of the painful tumor in the region of the

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of a desolating and disastrous war, a first-class Medical Journal in

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certainly quiet and peaceable, when not under the influence of alcohol ;

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Pigmentation of the skin may be an early or a late symptom, although

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conjunctivitis may occur, or panophthalmitis may end in the destruc-

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motility is limited by that of this organ, and when united to the pan-

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of the adductors by closing the glottis causes violent dyspnoea, as in

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that many writers regard them as absolutely identical ; but scrofula as

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cases the stomach is to be found in the right hypochondrium, the cardiac

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may precede or follow the occurrence of the purpuric and petechial erup-

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severe aching. There is often a feeling of excessive heat, accompanied by

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indicate a diseased state of the individual, since they disappear with a

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is high tension, as when arterio-sclerosis coexists with cardiac disease,

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tinguished from erysipelatous oedema by its having a grayish or yellowish

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PROGNOSIS. In the beginning of an epidemic of cholera the mortality

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hours, until twenty grains are taken, when a mixture of castor oil and

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of frequent occurrence, resulting in sequestration of the cartilages, which

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