that they depend upon it for their life and growth. The au-
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Northwest. Washington Regional Medical Center, Baker
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portion of bowel and omentum were broken up, and vessels tied with catgut,
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Organism al Contents of the Lungs. — Barthel (Centralbl. f. Bakt.
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na,ton of the lungs, 7 — marasmus, 1 — malignant pustule, 1 — old age, 1 — puerperal dis-
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begins the attack. This extends to the throat and neck, face,
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liability for knowingly letting any house, room, etc., in which
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Discussion, J. Little, 8 ; J. M. Finny, 9 ; J. O'Careoll, 9 ; M.C!ox,
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brunettes — ^being entirely different from the yellow-
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A case of "pernicious" anemia treated with lanolin in the form of Inunction, and internally^
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Discussion — Dr. F. C. Richardson mentioned several cases
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the firft time on the third or fourth day of the dif-
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the left containing two small cysts. The uterine body
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green soap. These various substances can be employed in the form
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examination, although satisfactory to themselves, neither .satisfied law
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bly the above regulations are all that ought to be imposed on ocean
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produce a healthy action, finally cicatrisation" — I may
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exhibit the severer physical phenomena of the disease.
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Most of his professional life was si)ent in Indiana, and a great
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slap from his antagonist on the side of the neck and face,
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ture and treatment of continued fever. I scarcely need add,
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the chamber pot. The umbilical cord wns ruptiired, and the placenta
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dial powers to the exclusion of aU other remedies. He
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him to give the profession something more than what every member of it should
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knows, should have been taken several years ago? It
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causes, chiefly climatic, and that, on the contrary, the number of admissions
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not to lose sight of in our enthusiasm, and that is, that
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excess of nutriment brought to them, a materies morhi
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rhaphy was performed on fourteen occasions — eight of these
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the same bacillus, but his observations were not confirmed.
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sives, at least with recanting ones of any sect : thus
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or trachea. However, we shall dwell no farther on this sub-
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nary sense of humor should teach this, to any member of a
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mildness or total absence of the secondaiy fever. 3. The escape of