particularly good to interrupted currents but not so good to the continuous.
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thoracic aorta fourteen times, the average age of the patients being
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always easy to differentiate it from various forms of soft oedema in cardiac
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Compound Mercurial Ointment. Mercurial ointment 1 part, soft
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diminished as the peritoneum was drained. Two weeks
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angle against it, appear as though set with minute brill-
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their own best judgment would probably prove more helpful in
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The authors give the histories of 29 cases of gunshot in-
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— "I can give no better rejoinder to all I have just heard, to all the
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acted ; and being so, let all stand on the thccarium of Wellington-street,
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thoughtless. Compositors and type founders are often affected. We have
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not fiequent. In the acute form the ulcer is large, the tissue giving
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since, if the silver solution is added to the urine, it precipitates not only
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markable." The organ of tune, also, he says, cannot be
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others : an anterior, situate just at the base of the
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clear up the mystery and allow of a correct diagnosis. —
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General pains resembling those of Rheumatism — Fugitive Paralysis in
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Then the talk was let to settle on her eyes, and at last on the uses of light
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organism and their number, the resistance of the tissues, and
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gentle palpation is balloon-like to the feel; during palpation, however,
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Mould-^ reports a case of hemoglobinuric fever which developed in a
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formed with Listerian precautions. The bladder was emptied by the catheter,
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endoluminal stent grafts for the treatment of abdominal
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ness of the diagnosis of a parovarian cyst; but it is reasonably certain
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in an action ; but it is not for the defence of such
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after this dose was taken the pulse fell to 68. Patient
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In construction, it is simplicity itself. It is neat and