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Pain resulting from an undue and unnatural excitement of the
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iii, C3-70. — Cantani (A.) Sottrazione di calore me-
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awake for hours. It did not appear to bear any relation to
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He considered this to be a logical method of treatment
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valent that breathing the exhalations from stables is
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measures must follow upon the same lines. The truth,
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The anatomical characters are, redness, swelling, and softening of the
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letter announcing his decision addressed to Mr. W. R.
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she sweated freely, and passed 2 oz. of urine. Subsequently
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in twenty-four to thirty-six hours. For example, a child who the evening
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operation done at the patient's home. The time is made
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from the country calling upon him saw several volumes of the " In-
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in order to be designated as an Integrated Regional
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The spleen is found to be enlarged, although not to a
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the relatively large amounts of iron which wornan's milk normally
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which in itself is conducive to further storage of fat. As the corpulence
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loss of water, especially in children, are treated by the author
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American Pediatric Society, over six hundred physicians out of six
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also must be combated. At the bottom of the whole matter,
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the palm, the toes the fingers, and the nails the nails.
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ment of the sigmoid sinus or meninges, caused by Streptococci, three
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Enlarging the dural opening widely and in a stellate manner with the small dural scissors; the spoon-
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its own weight. The surface presents a puckered appearance. The eon.
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severe instances only the bright eye and sharp expression, incidental to the
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tles, jugs filled with hot water, or hot bricks around the feet and
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stances : " Myriads of animalcules may come in contact with
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Q. In the preparation of chlorine gas, hydrochloric
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The absorption of chloride and water in the tubules in preference to sul-
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with blunt forceps to drain the very toxic material.
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connected with the stomach, the disappearance of which was followed by the
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Whether it be possible or not to raise the standard of health to the
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