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form either of ale, beer, or porter to nursing women for
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Sec. 5. That the Commissioners of the District may direct any
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now settled beyond any doubt by observations made by
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body on the iliac veins, cause an extensive oedema of the lower ex-
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feel she is all right. In a letter from Dr. Bloodgood, who probably
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cases go on to a cure. Can we by this contracting power of the X-ray
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the left testicle was much swollen, very tender, and accompa-
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Prom Messrs. Genatosan, Limited, 12 Chenies Street, London, W.C.I.
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n from the text of this paper is to belter illustrate what I
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[MG. , m. , aged 7 months, living here, died of diar-
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Starling, Thompson, and Magnus have shown that there is a certain rela-
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lapsing) fever, G. T. Hospital, Bombay. Tr. M. & Phys.
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+ Points 2, 6 and 8 were not determined in these experiments.
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Although he had only spoken of the syphilitic rash appearing on the leg
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or likely to live :" — ^applied to the condition of a
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of only 75 per cent of the maximum amount allowable
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only as a result of something having occurred to lessen this resisting power.
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gestion (Case CLXXL), commensurate with the danger of the case. As
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care of cases entrusted to him here as in any institution of like character
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answer to the objection that preparations of morphine were very insoluble,
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lishment. To speak of internal improvements, there are
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it will be readily understood that an effective nitrogenous
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but is almost never fatal. " It is most common in children, from
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* pafle, B. 8 be, B. 7 cnoca, B. This manner of writing throughout.
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Insi)ectors should be appointed to visit all towns and
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nostic value. A peculiarity of the knee reflex in this
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Hos'ltals ^ ™norai7 rank of Deputy Inspector-General of
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placing them in order according to the frequency in which it
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in position by careful bandaging. Small loose splinters of bone, especially
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ing a reply from amongst those of your numerous readers who have
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most constant symptom in septicopyemia is found in connection
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su(X'essful examination, as required by law, IG applicants
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lish Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages " (fourteenth
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defibrinated blood, and, to one, he added a little of the reducing iron
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wound were lacerated or contused, the cicatrix would be irregular, and the
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of events was embarrassment of the right heart from obstruc-
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tary service in India. Candidates who pass the Medical Board
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facts arrived at are tabulated. In one case (Case CCXL), which was
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that are on the market. It may be well that they do, for we see
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larites du squelette chez le Caranx carangus, Bl. Bull.