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lips (W. C.) The care of the ear during the course of

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Cultures of this organism do have the power of hydrolyzing fat

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The writer reports twenty- five cases of typhoid fever

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its moisture, and when again warmed and expanded by contact with

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The society Avill recall the organization of the executive staff of the

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Todd, L. G, Charlotte, Univ. of Miss., 1918 1920 1920

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sary, it is because there is no class of cases which, in my

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inferior articular surface is directed downward and

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that after the fiftli week the action of the jequirity is much

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Am. Med. Assoc, March 23, 1907; Heinemann, P. G.: Lactic Add as an

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so. jNIore women than men become insane, but more men have general

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that the cause of dysentery in the black is the cause

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The intelligent answer was that they recurred regularly at 1 o'clock, both

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however, I have used it many times and never experienced any trouble

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ited matter was of a greenish color. Had not vomited

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other, so the movement established by the oscillatory action

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matory action so induced. Thus a bone-spavin lameness is

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colotomy is, and possesses no superior advantages in any

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soon as the wound had healed the patient was kindly referred to me by

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was so regulated as to retard the onward movement, but com-

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and midwifery during the years immediately following.

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methods and of supervision will go the perpetration of "false packing "

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count gave 5 polymorphonuclear leucodytes out of 5C

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and some Observations Avhich point to them as the Probable Source

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sexual excess and masturbation, or as a sequela of exanthemata and rheuma-

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Confectionery in its most artificialized forms is a fruitful source of

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of the eclampsia ; a convulsion may occur after the uterus is

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tubercles lie the tubercle bacilli, which give off toxins to weaken the

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on the contrary, evidence of comparative insusceptibility.

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the other. What is required at the present day is the

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may suggest appendicitis, but the seat of the pain, the period in the month,

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percussion-note becomes more tympanitic, because the open

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now they are conveniently disposed of by disease, a description of which is given

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