tions of numbness and tingling are less complained of after the first onset
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heaped up silvery scales, and by outlying foci or spots with psoriatic
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ours and because dogs’ brains are much more devoted
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medicine and surgery, and the many topics of medical practice which
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of the animal's health. If the cause be local, such as a diseased
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germs remained. We will not discuss this question. Those con-
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bility ten years hence) on this subject were evidently, but in-
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between the body to be expelled and the channel which the
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peculiar clay-coloured appearance of the liver and enlargement
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Retroversions and Flexions op the Uterus. — Hiram K Vineberg,
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gregating together a large number of the insane, as in the Sur-
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himself to a single count, but should control it by repeated examinations. In certain
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4. Contribution & anatom. path, de pancreas; Gaz. MM. de
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the tubes are thickened by excessive development of fibrous
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the pouch have not yet become thick and dry, a cure may be
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of the kidney. Absence of albumen, a good indication.
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Recoeds of an outbreak of this kind form the substance of
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numerous than the military synonyms. Huxhani, in 1742, termed it
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could not be gathered in such quantities as is sometimes
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exterior objects and the organs of sense. He conceived that there exists in each of the
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in determining the first joint to be attacked. Acute attacks of
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year are the ones who are affected with craniotabea, from lying »
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ular, and in the mammary region as low as the upper border of the fourth rib. Below
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Symptoms : — The symptoms, as felt and complained of by the
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amount of sweat passing through the skin is greater than can be readily
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i^ains his former powers of mind, although not always in a perfect degree, which
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The candidate is seated 6 meters from a 1-centimeter light on a
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It should be clearly stated at the outset that there is no claim that this
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Ver. Miincben ( 1897 ), 1898, vii, 110 - 112. — Cai'i-aroli
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entrance of the pus of pharyngeal abscesses into the air passages.
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both Wilks (*^) and Pepper (*^), though these observers merely