seemed to me, in experiments on the cadaver, that the
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f Thiersch says that he saw during this time a very malignant type
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there is a transitory suspension of the nutritive and
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but even in despite of it. To these cases M. Vulpian adds
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in the epidermis under all circumstances and in most if not all indi-
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further change and further growth. During the settle-
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persons, in 1890 one to every 628. These statistics thus bring
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European constitution to enteric fever in fresh arrivals
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trophy of the left ventricle of the heart, without valvular
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at the spinal emanation of the nerve. Congestion of the per-
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is, in reality, an alternating change of protoplasm to
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the accessory nerve, but other muscles of the shoulder i>'inll- are involved.
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saUva, made frothy by the movements of the masticatory muscles, flows
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throwing back the flaps, formed after the manner described, the
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President : B. W. Richardson, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P.
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we did not depend on operative measurefi( for the cure of the case, but
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progress. For the ready accomplishment of this operation
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opened by an expert. The condition was definitely recognised, and
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sults of the inflammation, again in a state of acute inflammation. These
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been small, absolute rest may efl'ect a cure, but almost al way-
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neck. Left pupil medium-sized, right slightly larger. On night
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cells as well. These radium-damaged, non- care in placing such tubes, else X-ray therapy
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has been elected president, and Dr. Martin Biurke, sec-
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space before us ; and hence visible things have place, magnitude, form, as
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four days after the operation, and sixteen days afterthe accident.
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number of civilized communities which do not thus legalize her,
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to find such weakening of cusps apart from endocarditis.
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ored Plates. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1895. Pp.
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were carried out with the blood from patients other than lepers, and at
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This comprehends, after prehension, or the taking of food, mas-
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perature. The lowered temperatures of the algide stage rise, the
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purging draught, composed of manna and Epsom salts, taken in
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appeared in Glasgow at the same time, July and August 1847.
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Sir : As I have received such a large number of letters
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ference between the conventional coaptation splint of sur-
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earlier than he otherwise might have, but also against his
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on one of the tips, its platinum end is held in a flame — gas,
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ated with histories of apnea at birth. Nevertheless,
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Supported by these considerations, it was suggested that
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with a wide, flat brush while hot. Brush as soon as dry. Have a
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since slight mechanical loss in the second filtration is scarcely
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stake in Geneva for heretical opinions concerning the Trinity. In his writings he anticipated
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simple medication, routine therapeutic exercises or
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of these diseases with an arthritic diathesis, though his view
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or ointment in acute moist eczema (1-50), and in the follow-
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this. He believes that the meningococcus has been insuffi-
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cation with the luminous particles ot bodies, and the auditive spirits were communicated to
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to fifteen. Trains in six directions throughout New