h. Large amounts of alcohol, given in divided doses through the
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arise whether in conjunction with other articles which contain no
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purpose of sparing the morbid sensibility of the patients.
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remedies but much more satisfactory in the long run than harsh
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treated b^ mercurial inunctions. With great uniformity he found evidence
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quickly as possible, then give milk, or strong coffee, also stimulants,
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tions are helped to the utmost, by intelligent co-operation, and
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is accomplished by the operation of iridectomy, or the removal of a
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but usually there is more or less complete recovery. Occasionallj^,
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smaller amount of haemoglobin in their normal number, in anaemia
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In obesity, especially the plethoric form, cerebral hypersemia is a
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sitting, still more rapid walking than standing, and still more rapid
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One one-hundredth of a grain of atropia should be given hypoder-
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window of the eye, because it admits the rays of light. It sits upon
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contented with home gymnastics, which can readily be devised with
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squeeze out the black heads with the fingers or a watch key, and a
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combination in which uric acid exists in the body. Doubtless, the
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and large cities of Europe, especially among the poverty-stricken
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though rarely the ovum fails to be grasped by the fimbriated extremity
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In this connection, it will help our understanding of this Avhole
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also shares in the disorder — exhibiting disturbances of the rh^'thm and
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tutional characteristics of the individual rather than upon the intrin-
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exists, it is found that the supra-renal capsules are in a condition of
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habits whose formation she wishes her boys to avoid. It would be
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of soda, or with the trii^le phosphates of ammonia and soda, salts
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After washing and cleansing the head thoroughly with soap and
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ter. The common sites of chilblains are the heels, toes, and some-
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suddenly develops alarming nervous symptoms, with a temperature
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ward from the larynx toward the lungs, and in the adult is about
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usually sj'mptomatic of the arthritic diathesis ; hence the great value
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tively immense output of uric acid by birds and reptiles are not wholly in
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(c.) Inflammation of the Tongue, or Glossitis. — This is not a
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various other diseases of the bowels, bladder and other pelvic organs.
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that the duration of the fever, rather than its intensity, is the most important
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When a person has been overcome by gases, whether illuminating,
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Of more recent years the study of arthritis deformans has been
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A knowledge of the character of these disease producing germs
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Profuse rienstruation. — Profuse or too frequent menstruation
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glycosuria, the dietary condition remaining unchanged (Zimmer,
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endogenous kreatinin much diminished, and in diseases in which chronic