cases in which one positive result is obtained unless such case is
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221. — liOpez (E.) Nnevo vendaje ocular. An. r. Acad,
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epilepsy have seen that to arrive at any correct conclusions in regard to the
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in charge. For instance, obstetricians whose practice
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blood, although blood from the spleen taken at the proper time in well
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ami the Avriter is seldom sufficiently careful to keep his facts distinct from his
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that she had been perfectly well until the previous day, when,
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arterial tone the effects are very satisfactory. In a general way it
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Med. News, Phila., 1892, Ix, 457-459. Also, Eepriut.—
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This went on from 2 1st April to 9th Ma\-, and during that
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opposite surfaces of the membrane were rough, and like tripe :
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prevailed, that the blood which is sent to the lungs through the a^rteria
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Tlie Drift of Medical Philosophy. An Essay. By D. A. Gorton, M.D.
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of coil-glaud duct as it passes through the epidermis ; P,
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Clark, D. D., Clarkton, Med. Coll. of Va., 1917 _ 1917 1920
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is the first time that these useful contrivances are referred
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students. Its scope can readily be judged from its table of contents.
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vaginal finger, which with practice will be recognized as the thrill of
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with which they have been treated by the officers and members of the Centen-
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eration were found. On the fifteenth day only a few bunches of round bodies
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their loathsomeness will not scourge our fellow-mortals."
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sixty-five years old, not habituated to the use of either tea, coffee,
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what more prolonged, and an influence on the circulatory system
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Northern Eailway, at the Barnby Crossing. It was begun on
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others involving character, and it is best to rely on the discre-
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"When memory keeps me company and moves to smiles or tears,
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this and a circumscribed pleuritic effusion? to discover whether
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nitrate of silver. She is entirely clear of all neuralgic symp-
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extend to other parts of the cardiac area. It is sometimes seen at the base